Omron Healthcare


Healthcare, BP Monitor etc.


2014 - 2019

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Collateral
  • Direct Mailer
  • Photography
  • Outdoor Campaigns
  • Product Marketing Brochures
  • SocialMedia Creative
  • Emailers
  • FM Campains
  • Videos

Omron is a global leader in health-monitoring products. Maverick India, a creative ad agency, was managing their ATL and BTL activities.

Team Maverick delightfully carries a relationship with like-minded professionals. In the association of over five years, Team Maverick delivered several successful campaigns which ultimately led to increased sales.

Leading Healthcare Innovations

Omron Healthcare is dedicated to aiding people to a healthier world by making cutting-edge products that bring harmony into their day-to-day lives. Inspired by its brand persona, Team Maverick created awe-inspiring B2B campaigns and marketing collaterals.

What Did We Deliver?

We helped them mainly with B2B marketing collaterals, festive campaigns, POSM branding. To do this, we focused on employing simple and well-defined layouts, putting complete focus upon the product’s features and benefits, and also came-forth with the content that every health-conscious person could relate to.